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Complete hardware and software battery management solution 

02 Jun 2022

Sensata Technologies’ new i-BMS battery management system (BMS) for electrified applications up to 60V is a cell chemistry agnostic, compact, integrated BMS developed for the cost-optimized mass-production of applications up to 60V, such as 2-, and 3-wheelers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and robotics. Hot swap functionality and parallel battery pack support allow for the ability to quickly exchange depleted batteries with fully charged batteries. While measuring only 65 x 200mm (2.6 x 7.9in), the i-BMS PCB board is equipped with everything required to manage and maintain a battery system, making it a convenient and cost-efficient design for mass production. All critical components are pre-integrated into the system, including a pre-charge circuit, on-board current measurement, MOSFET power switches for battery disconnect, and a DC/DC power supply. The solution features key components that are ASIL C Safety rated and include self-test capabilities for safety critical measurement circuits. The advanced algorithms in Sensata’s BMS software ensure accurate state-of-power (SOP) predictions based on cell internal resistance, voltage and current constraints, precise state-of-charge (SOC) calculations, and state-of-health (SOH) calculated based on aging effect. In addition, the BMS Creator configuration software allows the battery pack designer to create a unique battery setup by defining application-specific BMS parameters and safety strategies, optimizing battery operation. Other software features include measurement of rate of change of temperature to predict thermal runaway, dynamical regulation of current in extreme thermal conditions, as well as advanced parameter settings for CAN communication.

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Volume: 2022 May/June