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Clean Energy Associates’ New Green Hydrogen Supplier Market Intelligence Report to Help Buyers Navigate a Complex Industry

22 Sep 2023

Clean Energy Associates, the leading provider of technical advisory and engineering services for solar PV and energy storage buyers and manufacturers around the globe, announced the launch of a new product, their Green Hydrogen Supplier Market Intelligence Report, to provide detailed evaluation of electrolyzer suppliers and help developers and owners understand how to optimize their investment into green hydrogen projects.

The first edition will be issued in October 2023.

The upcoming report builds on similar comprehensive analyses of the solar PV and the energy storage industries, for which Clean Energy Associates is already well-known. 

This new offering will investigate the emerging green hydrogen supply chain, including both traditional alkaline and PEM electrolyzers, as well as the maturation of new technologies which will impact performance.

“The green hydrogen sector is experiencing rapid growth, with many new vendors and technologies entering the market,” declared George Touloupas, the lead author of the new report. “Our supplier market intelligence reports provide buyers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their green hydrogen projects.”

In the nascent green hydrogen industry, Toulopas stated the new report will give clients an edge by distilling Clean Energy Associates’ subject matter expertise into a go-to guide, providing essential information to make hydrogen production work.

The reports will include detailed supplier profiles of electrolyzer manufacturers, as well as in-depth discussions of emerging technologies as suppliers expand their manufacturing capacity.

“Clean Energy Associates’s team of green hydrogen experts will provide informed buyers with an insider’s view that no other market report can provide,” promised CEO Andy Klump. “We intend to help buyers secure their electrolyzer supply chain needs and ensure the success of their green hydrogen deployment by understanding the different options available and how they will affect a project’s performance, efficiency and cost.”

Clean Energy Associates’ supplier market intelligence reports on the green hydrogen sector are part of its broader market intelligence program, which provides buyers with comprehensive analysis and insights into suppliers, supply chains, technologies, policy developments, and price trends in renewable energy markets. The program includes reports on battery energy storage systems, solar photovoltaic modules, and more.

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