Cirba Solutions & Volta to Advance Battery Materials Space

Cirba Solutions, the largest and most comprehensive battery materials and management processor for end-of-life batteries and gigafactory manufacturing scrap, announced that it has agreed to partner with Volta Energy Technologies, LLC “Volta”, a venture capital firm backed by some of the biggest names in energy and energy storage materials.

Working with an established leader in the battery recycling industry with more than 30 years of experience fits directly within Volta’s model of making connections between innovators and companies to enable advancements in batteries, storage and related technologies for electric vehicles, electric power and other applications. Cirba Solutions and Volta will be collaborating in numerous strategic areas to advance a closed-loop ecosystem for battery materials. The transition to electrification is accelerating, and with lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing expected to reach more than 900 GWh of capacity by 2030 in North America, organizations are looking for partnerships today to help with the growing demand of critical materials for their facilities.

“We look forward to working with Cirba Solutions. Their vertically integrated approach and decades of expertise are valuable at a time when companies need a trusted solution to support battery material requirements and their efforts to establish a sustainable, circular economy,” said Jeff Chamberlain, CEO of Volta.  

Cirba Solutions is a dominant figure with industry-leading capabilities in collection, logistics, processing and scalable programs for electric vehicles and post-consumer batteries. The partnership with Volta will bring advancements to the battery materials sector through a holistic approach to a circular battery supply chain, providing added value and significant benefits to manufacturers.

Exhibited through its expanding footprint, technology roadmap, over $82 million recently awarded Department of Energy grants from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and over $300 million in investment from EQT Infrastructure and Marubeni Corporation, Cirba Solutions is forging the creation of the closed-loop battery recycling landscape. 

“The battery materials market is at a turning point. Working with Volta’s trusted and highly regarded team is an incredible privilege and will enable us to be on the leading edge of technology and strategic partnerships. We both share the passion for innovation and providing a solutions-oriented approach for the market,” said David Klanecky, President & CEO of Cirba Solutions. 

Cirba Solutions and Volta will deliver value for the sustainable battery supply chain by providing cost-effective solutions and enhancing the growing domestic manufacturing needs through using regional battery materials to enhance recycled battery content for lithium-ion batteries. 

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