ChargeLab and EVBox Deploy EV Charging Stations at Mercedes-Benz of Plano in Collaboration with My EV Charger

ChargeLab, a pioneering EV charging software provider, and EVBox, a leading global provider of EV charging solutions, have successfully deployed two state-of-the-art DC fast charging (DCFC) stations at Mercedes-Benz of Plano, Texas. This initiative was made possible through a strategic collaboration with My EV Charger, an experienced EV Charging solutions provider dedicated to advancing EV infrastructure.

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The newly installed EVBox Troniq Modular charging stations are now available to support the growing market of electric vehicles in the Plano area. These standalone stations were configured to deliver charging speeds up to 180 kW and can dynamically balance power to charge two vehicles simultaneously, making them ideal for high-traffic locations. With the modular design, two additional 30 kW power modules can be added as the need grows for a total of up to 240 kW. Equipped with up to two CCS 1 connectors—with a planned option for NACS—the EVBox Troniq Modular ensures that both Mercedes-Benz of Plano and their customers have access to efficient and reliable charging.

The EVBox Troniq Modular stands out for its serviceability and user-friendly design. Innovative cable attachments linked to an external cassette on the unit's side enable swift and simple replacement in the event of damage. Equipped with multiple lighter weight power modules and easily accessible parts, a single technician can efficiently maintain the unit, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance.

The decision to choose ChargeLab for this deployment was driven by several key factors:

  • Simplicity and Ease of Use: ChargeLab's platform is designed to be user-friendly for site hosts, making the management of EV charging stations straightforward and efficient.
  • Mixed Use Charging: Offering mixed-use charging—free for internal use and paid for public use—provides flexibility for the dealership and its customers.
  • Extensive Reporting Functionality: ChargeLab's robust reporting tools offer valuable insights for optimizing charger usage and performance.
  • Comprehensive Support: Both customer drivers and site hosts benefit from ChargeLab's dedicated support services, ensuring a seamless charging experience.

Looking ahead, ChargeLab and EVBox plan to introduce an exclusive dealership bundled hardware and software offer, aimed at enhancing the value proposition for automotive dealerships and their customers. Details of this offer will be announced soon.

ChargeLab, EVBox, and My EV Charger are committed to supporting the growth of the electric vehicle market by providing innovative and reliable charging solutions. This deployment at Mercedes-Benz of Plano is a testament to their collaborative efforts and shared vision for a sustainable future.

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