Carrar and Röchling Automotive to Develop First-Ever EV Battery Modules with Two-Phase Immersion Thermal Management

Carrar, a developer of battery thermal management solutions for electric vehicles, has partnered with Röchling Automotive, a global supplier for customized plastic solutions, to develop and deliver lightweight, advanced plastic modules for EV batteries.

Carrar and Röchling will supply the automotive industry with a fully-sealed module with a two-phase immersion Thermal Management Solution. The uniquely-designed module is robust and easy to implement for mass production.

"We are proud to collaborate with Röchling, a world leader in its field." So says Mr. Avinoam Rubinstain, CEO of Carrar. "Röchling has many years of experience developing and producing innovative plastic solutions for the automotive industry, including battery components."

"Röchling is always looking for the next stage in the evolution of electric vehicles and to support safety and sustainability goals," says Marco Barbolini, Global Product Manager Röchling Automotive. "The Carrar thermal management solution prevents thermal runaway and greatly increases the safety of the batteries for electric vehicles."

"Keeping the battery temperature at the optimal range, Carrar also enables batteries to last twice as long, helping to cut back on battery production and its environmental impact."

The combined battery modules adhere to all European and American EV sustainability and safety standards. The modules can be built to fit any battery cell and every chemistry. 

Carrar and Röchling will participate at the Battery Show in Stuttgart on May 23-25. Röchling Automotive will present at booth # 8-E70 and Carrar at booth # 8-D70.   

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