Booming Energy Storage Industry Hosts Inaugural Summit

ACP RECHARGE, the most anticipated energy storage summit of the year, is less than three weeks away, taking place in Portland, Oregon on June 26-28, 2024. 

Reporters in attendance will get access to market figures and insights from expert industry speakers, highlighting overall and state capacity additions, regional trendlines as we head into the summer months, and pipeline forecasts helping to predict future growth. Notably, the summit will include insights and newly released numbers from our soon-to-be released U.S. Energy Storage Monitor report co-authored with Wood Mackenzie. 

The energy storage summit will be attended by the nation’s leading storage manufacturers, renewable developers, policy makers, and thought leaders to tackle the emerging issues this booming industry faces in the road ahead. 

Join us on the ground in Portland as we discuss issues such as grappling with state politics and the impact on development, market designs and hurdles they present, managing public perceptions, and safety.  

Reach out to [email protected] for more information on press credentials and for registration. 

Notable speakers include:  

  • Lori Cobos, Commissioner of the Public Utility Commission of Texas 

  • Lindsay Gorrill, CEO of KORE Power 

  • Brian Hayes, CEO of Key Capture Energy  

  • Suedeen Kelly, Former FERC Commissioner  

  • Hugh Scott, CTO of FlexGen  

  • Stephanie Smith, COO of Eolian  

  • Jeff Waters, CEO of Powin 

  • John Zahurancik, President of Fluence  

  • Jason Grumet, CEO of American Clean Power  

  • Mimi Walters, Former U.S. Rep (CA-45) and Board Member of Eos Energy Enterprises  

  • Scott Bolton, EVP of Global Policy & Regulatory Affairs for Hydrostor  

Session topics include: 

  • Battery Energy Storage & State Politics 

  • Building Energy Storage Manufacturing in America 

  • Energy Storage as Transmission 

  • Energy Storage in the Media and Public Perceptions 

  • Utility Resource Planning 

  • Market Outlook 

  • Siting & Permitting Reforms 

  • The Future of Critical Minerals for Batteries 

  • IRA Tax Equity & Energy Storage 

  • Long Duration Technology Supply Chains 

  • Market Design Lessons from Texas and California 

  • National Safety Standards – What’s Next? 

  • National Security 

  • Recycling & the Grid Battery Ecosystem 

  • Reforming Market Rules to Enable Storage 

  • Safety by Design 

  • Tariffs & the Shifting Import Landscape 

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