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Bidgely Revolutionizes Grid Planning, EV Analytics and Non-Wire Alternatives for Utilities with Behind-the-Meter ‘8760 Energy Insights’

16 May 2023

Bidgely, a leading provider of AI-powered energy intelligence solutions, has unveiled its cutting-edge approach to grid planning, electric vehicle (EV) analytics, non-wire alternatives (NWA) and load forecasting that provides utilities with behind-the-meter energy intelligence for all 8,760 hours of the year. Using Bidgely’s “8760 Energy Model,” utilities can track customer energy use on an ongoing and iterative basis, gaining a comprehensive understanding of customer energy consumption and lifestyle patterns over time.

With granular insights into how the load curve of each customer contributes to the grid, utilities have enhanced ability to identify trends, predict future grid patterns, encourage grid-stabilizing customer behaviors and better understand the load impact on grid-facing assets, such as distribution transformers, feeders and substations.

“Energy consumption is constantly changing. As a result, utilities must develop agile responses to evolving pressures on the grid,” said Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely. “Our 8760 insights let utilities see their grids in high definition across time. They can use this insight to develop new rates, products, services and infrastructure investments that deliver greater value on both sides of the meter.”

Bidgely's 8760 granularity provides detailed information about customers' energy consumption patterns, broken down by hour and by 12 different appliance types (including EV and solar), across different geographic areas and rate plans. This level of analysis enables utilities to identify emerging trends and plan more strategically for grid management, especially in the face of challenges such as distributed energy resources (DERs), EVs and extreme weather events that can affect the predictability of the grid.

With 8760 intelligence, utilities can explore non-wire alternatives for managing the grid and more effectively target customers with load shifting programs. Additionally, these insights can be leveraged to better understand the relationship between temperature and grid capacity, which can help utilities better prepare for future heat waves and other extreme weather events that could strain the grid.

Connect with Bidgely

Bidgely, a Founding Sponsor of AESP’s EVDX Solutions Lab, will be in Detroit, Michigan, June 5 - 6, demonstrating the use of 8760 EV analytics to reveal current penetration as well as growth patterns to inform better infrastructure upgrade planning and program design. During the session, Scrutinizing the Customer Journey: The Ups and Downs of Searching for EV Solutions, Maria Kretzing, Head of Innovation at Bidgely, will explore how utilities can educate potential EV buyers on the benefits of EV ownership as well as the options for in-home charging support.

Bidgely will also be at EEI 2023 June 11 - 13 in Austin, Texas, to discuss the importance of understanding not only DER and EV hotspots, but also how the increased penetration of renewable energy fundamentally changes the timing of daily peaks and shapes of load curves. Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta will join the IEI Management Committee & Technology Company Executive Dialogue sharing his perspective on designing demand flexible programs for enhanced utility operations.

To learn more about building a territory-wide, bottom-up data foundation, download the AI-Powered Data Analytics Playbook: Better Grid Outcomes Through Behind-The-Meter 8760 Intelligence.

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