Battery protection fuses

Littelfuse, Inc., has launched its Energy Storage Rack (ESR) series of fuses designed specifically to protect battery racks from a range of fault currents to help prevent equipment damage and expensive system failures. The 1500VDC high-speed square body fuse is fast-acting to respond quickly, safeguarding the battery module or other devices in energy storage, power conversion, and DC common bus systems as well as hybrid photovoltaic battery energy storage system (PV-BESS) inverters. Specifically designed to safeguard evolving battery technologies with fuse circuit protection, the ESR series conforms to the IEC60269-7 battery standard. Other features include high DC interrupting rating to provide superior short-circuit protection and the ability to scale-up systems, without the need to redesign the existing circuit protection, saving time and costs; low minimum breaking current which offers easy coordination with battery modules and reduces size rating requirements of DC contactors to optimize space and decrease expenses; a fast acting response to deliver high-speed performance; low watt loss to maximize efficiencies by preventing energy loss and minimizing the wasted power of components; and a compact NH 1XL size that requires less space and offers design flexibility.

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Volume: 2023 May/June