Battery Producer Hithium to Supply ESS developer Perfect Power

Stationary battery manufacturer Hithium has announced a new cooperation agreement with energy storage project developer Perfect Power LLC whose operations are primarily in Texas and California. The partner has signed an agreement for Hithium to supply 1GWh of battery products that are expected to be deployed across its markets. The two companies signed the MOU at Hithium’s headquarters in Xiamen, China.

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Led by Anthony Maselli and an experienced team with over 2,000 MWhs of ESS projects in operation around the United States, Perfect Power will enhance its operations with advanced energy storage and energy generation technology designed to integrate with the area utility network.

Focusing on Texas, which has the second most installed solar capacity of any U.S. state, Perfect Power is concentrating on sustainable, reliable and renewable clean power generation and energy storage.

Anthony Maselli, Perfect Power CEO, commented, “Battery performance and durability are crucial for us, with our focus on facilitating a more flexible grid and reliable clean energy for the neighborhoods and regions our projects serve. Having a supplier like Hithium gives both our investors and our end-consumers’ confidence that they can depend on our projects.”

Hithium Chairman Jeff Wu added, “Cooperating with Perfect Power is an exciting step for us in the U.S., allowing us to support projects in two of the country’s largest energy markets, California and Texas. Through this collaborative endeavor, we aim to further the penetration and deployment of advanced energy storage products into the NetZero transition in the US.”

With 11GWh of battery products delivered since its founding in 2019, Hithium is one of the few large-scale manufacturers focusing exclusively on stationary energy storage. The company’s 314 Ah cell features an 11,000 cycle life and provides the basis for its new 5MWh ∞block container system, whose innovative design reduces the required surface area by 20%.

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