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Battery assembly solutions

15 Nov 2020

Mersen and F & K DELVOTEC have joined forces to create the optimum battery assembly solution to support 21700 series battery assembly systems. The F & K DELVOTEC laser bonder interface guarantees a high speed, safe, robust, and efficient connection of the battery cells to the laminated bus bar. The laminated bus bar is an ultra-thin single layer with interleaved contacts. The bus bar is also a smart bus bar, it not only powers the battery cells but also monitors temperature and voltage of battery cells as needed. Bus bars also eliminate wiring error and provide an extra degree of robustness against shock and vibration in e-mobility installations. To protect the battery assembly from over currents, a special low watt loss/ high cycling DC rated fuse is installed. The battery assembly is then secured onto a compact (7mm thick) liquid cooled cold plate, providing a homogenous cooling to all battery cells.

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Volume: 2020 November/December