Backup power solutions

Schneider Electric’s Backup Control Switch (BCS) for customers in the USA and Puerto Rico, provides easy and flexible solar and battery storage solutions for whole-home and partial-home backup. The BCS is compatible with the XW Pro inverters from Schneider Electric, and automatically disconnects from the grid in the event of a power outage, allowing the solar and storage system to provide backup power to the home. The new Backup Control Switch (BCS) from Schneider Electric offers homeowners and installers flexibility when wiring a home for backup power while minimizing re-wiring costs. While the XW Pro inverters include an integrated 60A transfer relay, the BCS provides flexibility for up to 200A of backup loads as well as optional configuration for service entrance applications. It is compatible with up to 4 XW Pro inverters, delivering up to 27kW continuous and 48kW peak backup power capability for 120/240V panels. The BCS is fully integrated with XW Pro hybrid inverters and accessories such as MPPT charge controllers and Insight Energy Management from Schneider Electric. 

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Volume: 2023 January/February