American Energy Storage Innovations Unveils the TeraStor Configurator

American Energy Storage Innovations, Inc. (AESI), a leading provider of ultra-dense, safe, efficient and reliable energy storage solutions (ESS), announced the launch of a revolutionary online tool that empowers users to design their ideal TeraStor configuration in minutes. 

computer screenAESI is committed to the highest level of transparency and developed the configurator tool to streamline the planning process for energy storage, addressing common pain points. Users can click the new “configure” button on the TeraStor product page to launch the tool, currently available on all devices larger than a standard mobile phone. 

Revolutionizing the Way Customers Select and Purchase Energy Storage 

The TeraStor Configurator simplifies the energy storage selection and estimation process, eliminating the guesswork and frustration often associated with traditional methods. Users can now: 

  • Explore a wide range of options: Input custom project parameters for system power, discharge duration, energy capacity, service life and more to meet their specific needs. 
  • View instant cost estimates: Get an estimated price tailored to the unique configuration input to the tool. 
  • Visualize the effect of future augmentation: See the degradation curve and augmentation schedule for the project over time, for a clear depiction of the expected capacity at any point in time for up to 20 years in the future. 
  • Request a formal quote: Connect directly with AESI for further consultation, customization and purchase. 

“The TeraStor Configurator is a game-changer for anyone evaluating various options for this efficient and reliable energy storage solution,” said Bud Collins, CEO of AESI. “We believe that everyone deserves the power to harness the potential of clean energy, and this tool makes it easier than ever before to estimate the right TeraStor configuration for their specific project’s needs.” 

The TeraStor Configurator: Transforming the Energy Storage Experience 

The TeraStor Configurator represents a significant step forward in the energy storage industry, offering: 

  • Increased convenience: Streamlined selection process empowers users to make informed decisions quickly and easily. 
  • Enhanced flexibility: Ensures users find the perfect solution for their specific needs. 
  • Improved efficiency: Saves time and eliminates the need for lengthy product comparisons. 

Over the coming months, AESI will be rolling out many tool enhancements including additional parameter levers and a state-of-the-art 3D visualization tool that will enable customers to see the resulting layout on their exact site or in realistic virtual settings. 

Ready to configure your dream energy storage solution? Launch the TeraStor Configurator today by clicking the “configure” button at

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