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All-in-one energy storage solution

21 Jul 2022

Fortress Power presents their new integrated solar storage solution. Consisting of 4 eFlex batteries and a 12K or 15K inverter, the new all-in-one solution offers peak shaving for demand charge management, load shifting for time-of-use savings, standalone operation in off-grid mode for power backup, as well as storage of excess solar energy. This new all-in-one solution is IP65 water and dustproof for indoor and outdoor installations. Included are active cooling fans for hot climates and an easy to add din rail thermostat for cold climates. The built-in busbars and cables help make installations 45min or less. The system is UL 9540 certified and meets the UL 9540 (A) large fire test standard. Furthermore, it allows customers flexibility to size up inverter and battery capacity based on their needs and budget.

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Volume: 2022 July/August