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ADS-TEC Energy Announces Install of Sweden’s Most Powerful Large-Scale Battery Storage Solution for Sustainable Infrastructure

09 Nov 2023

ADS-TEC Energy (NASDAQ: ADSE), a global leader in battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging technology and large-scale storage, announced that it has installed eight large-scale storage containers, the most powerful modular large-scale storage solution in Sweden, with a total capacity of over 20 MW, for sustainable infrastructure development company Polar Structure AB.

The installation of eight units, each with one container, an external inverter, and delivering a total output of over 20 MW, was unveiled at Polar Structure’s press conference in Haninge, near Stockholm, on October 6, 2023. The system from ADS-TEC Energy offers more than just energy storage. It is an intelligent platform solution that provides grid-supporting services. In the event of grid fluctuations, battery storage is used to stabilize the grid as well as to store and distribute sustainably generated energy.

Polar Structure AB is a privately owned Swedish infrastructure company that offers municipalities, governments, and the private sector a way to develop and finance necessary investments to accelerate the green transition. Through its subsidiary, Polar Capacity, the company invests in and manages local power balance for industries, municipalities, and local energy utilities. The large-scale storage container facility in Haninge is jointly owned by Polar Capacity and Stockholm Exergi, who will operate the battery park.

Roland Petterson, Project Manager at Polar Structure, explains: “ADS-TEC Energy won us over with its vast expertise, technological excellence, and innovation in smart energy storage. The company’s solutions offer optimal performance and adaptability to our specific requirements. We are delighted that the collaboration has been so efficient and smooth from development, through production and installation, and that we are now able to leverage such a high storage capacity.”

Battery storage systems as platform solutions

ADS-TEC Energy is developing battery-based platform solutions for the energy industry of the future. They are designed to optimize internal consumption and peak load capping, providing backup power when needed, and supplying primary regulating power. The solutions are complemented by comprehensive services and secure remote access to all operational data, resulting in reliable long-term operation. ADS-TEC Energy's goal is a decentralized energy system that is safe, efficient, and used to its full potential in a carbon-neutral world.

Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, explains: “The transition to a carbon-neutral energy economy is one of the greatest challenges of our time. In particular, the energy systems of tomorrow will be more electrified, more digitalized, and more decentralized. We are proud that we were able to develop and install a modular large-scale storage facility for our partner Polar Structure with a total capacity of over 20 MW, a first for Sweden. This successful partnership with Polar Structure demonstrates the demand for large-scale grid-stabilizing storage systems.”

All-in-One – Made in Germany

The smart, highly flexible industrial and commercial storage systems which are developed and built in-house at ADS-TEC Energy support the economic transition to a sustainable and secure energy supply. They can be easily integrated into existing systems including PV systems and charging stations that use self-generated energy. Their plug-and-play design makes them easy to deploy. The company offers sustainable energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Critical infrastructures, such as commercial and industrial networks or even energy grids, need continuous and reliable energy supplies. However, renewable energy is volatile since it is dependent on the wind blowing or the sun shining. The rapid expansion of these critical systems comes as centralized power plants and structures are being replaced by decentralized units in homes, companies, and infrastructure. This makes it even more important to store the generated energy and efficiently manage the energy flows. ADS-TEC Energy offers complete solutions for this: it develops and builds highly-integrated, highly-efficient system platforms comprising hardware, software and services. This guarantees long product life, long-term operability and system availability.

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