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AC wall-mounted charging station New!

21 Jul 2022

The ENECTOR wallbox is an AC wall-mounted charging station that KOSTAL has developed in-house. In keeping with the classic design requirement of form and function, the robust housing with its dynamic lines fulfills several tasks at once. Firstly, it serves as a receptacle for the 7.5m long charging cable with type 2 charging plug, which is included in the scope of delivery. Secondly, the central LED display on the front of the housing makes it easy to see the charging mode and all important status messages. Thanks to its compact dimensions and protected housing, the KOSTAL wallbox can be installed safely both indoors and outdoors without taking up too much space. The ENECTOR wallbox is delivered ready for connection and is immediately ready for use thanks to its user-friendly “Plug & Charge” principle. It is also compatible with a wide range of fully electric vehicles and hybrid models. The ENECTOR wallbox can charge compatible fully electric vehicles and hybrid models quickly and safely from all available power sources. The wallbox offers a single-phase charging power of up to 3.7kW and a three-phase charging power of up to 11kW. The ENECTOR wallbox comes into its own when combined with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the KOSTAL Solar App. With the appropriate activation code, the user has access to various charging modes. In addition to Solar Pure Mode (pure solar charging), the wallbox also offers Solar Plus Mode (solar-assisted charging). The wallbox can then be controlled in real time via the KOSTAL Solar App.

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Volume: 2022 July/August