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100kW fast charger 

15 May 2021

Circontrol’s 100kW fast charger, the Raption 100, has been designed to meet the rapid charging needs of new electric vehicle models with larger batteries capable of offering greater range and features including modular power technology, elegant yet robust design, user-friendliness, and reliability. The Raption 100 is suitable for installation at restaurants, gas stations, shopping centers, airports, and intercity areas, settings where short charges of less than 20 minutes desired. The modular architecture of the Raption devices allows for power scalability of 25kW, 50kW or 100kW. It can also be adapted to the growing battery sizes of new EV models. This also guarantees high uptime as if one of the modules fails, the others will keep working. The Raption 100 retains the connector care concept with the connector locking feature and floating cable design, which makes the device safe and reduces maintenance costs. Also, the Raption 100 can function as a Master at multi-point installations, combining DC and AC charging. In addition to minimizing the initial investment (CAPEX) and maintenance costs (OPEX) when several chargers are required, this solution also results in considerable energy savings, as the Master device distributes the available power according to the number of charge points in use. Circontrol’s new fast charge station offers an easy and intuitive charging experience. Its 8" color touch screen, language selection, courtesy light, and integrated contactless card payment system are some of the aspects most highly-valued by EV drivers.