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Virtual and in-home energy audit program

15 May 2021

Franklin Energy's Curist provides personalized participation paths designed to benefit both utilities and their customers. Curist is a customer-first energy audit program that combines technology, product delivery, and program implementation. Curist drives participation and customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose their own journey via simple, intuitive participation options. Curist eliminates traditional residential audit barriers and streamlines the customer experience. Incentivized by the prospect of free, personalized energy-saving recommendations, customers begin with a fun and easy quiz regarding details about their home, preferences, and lifestyle. Curist delivers frictionless participation through a design that also prevents program disruptions. Curist allows for a self-serve approach with a kit of energy- and water-saving products delivered to the customer's doorstep, a virtual audit with kit delivery, or a full in-home audit with direct install. A wider range of options enables the utility to better serve their diverse group of customers with varying rate classes, preferences, schedules, and comfort levels.

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