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Statement on Supreme Court Decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency

01 Jul 2022

The ruling from the Supreme Court in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency sharply curtailed the EPA’s ability to continue working to improve health and quality of life by cleaning up our air.

The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) recognizes the environmental and economic benefits a just transition to clean energy provides ALL people; especially those from Black and other disinvested communities of color. Systemic barriers, such as inequitable energy policies perpetuate the worst effects of climate change and dirty energy.

“We know for a fact that the American South is ground zero for voting rights, health equity, climate change, economic mobility, and racial justice,” said Nathaniel Smith, Founder and Chief Equity Officer at the Partnership for Southern Equity. These communities often bear the brunt of environmental injustices as a result of the growing alliance between corporate greed and environmental policymaking as evidenced by the following facts:

The South experiences a higher frequency of billion-dollar climate disaster events than any other region in the U.S. Metropolitan areas in this region rank as some of the lowest in economic mobility, Seven of the ten least healthy states are in the Southeast. This is an issue that we must not ignore. Climate change is a threat to our collective future.

More than ever, communities are increasingly hungry to speak and act for change. PSE supports the transition to clean energy and we will continue mobilizing around energy equity issues, seek greater enforcement of existing policies, and for policymakers to prioritize the well-being of our environment and those who enjoy its blessings.

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