Renew Energy Partners and EnergyRM Join Forces to Invest $200M In Energy Retrofit Projects

Renew Energy Partners (RENEW) and EnergyRM are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that aims to decarbonize commercial real estate. RENEW will invest up to $200M in project capital via EnergyRM's transaction platform to finance energy retrofits for commercial real estate owners. EnergyRM's transaction platform, including its innovative Energy Tenant financial structure, addresses some of the most significant challenges facing building owners considering holistic energy retrofits.

RENEW is a leading decarbonization firm supporting commercial and industrial customers in upgrading and retrofitting their buildings. RENEW offers comprehensive solutions by funding, installing, and managing (with its vendors) new energy-efficient systems and on-site clean energy projects.

EnergyRM, a financial technology company, enables building owners to receive paid-for energy retrofits without encumbrance or performance risk. Project finance firms like RENEW supply the capital and earn returns on energy retrofits as a market-based asset.

The firms will deliver turnkey energy efficiency and on-site renewables project funding to property owners. Facilitated by EnergyRM's transaction platform, including its Energy Tenant financial structure, capital investments funded by RENEW are repaid using post-retrofit energy savings. This unique transaction structure accelerates property modernization without increasing costs for tenants while significantly reducing the property's carbon footprint.

"We fundamentally believe energy retrofits should be a source of value creation, not an unrecoverable cost. Our platform de-risks energy retrofits for building owners while exponentially increasing the amount of capital project investors can deploy on their behalf."
Jason Gregory, CEO of EnergyRM

"Renew's mission is to decarbonize the built environment and make it financially compelling. The funding approach we helped pioneer ten years ago has allowed us to do just that. We are excited to take our commitment to sustainability even further through this partnership with EnergyRM."
Charlie Lord, Principal and Co-founder Renew Energy Partners

To learn more about this groundbreaking partnership and the Energy Tenant Agreement, please register for our upcoming webinar scheduled for December 5 by visiting 

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