Really Good Equipment Develops Electric Solution for Problematic Leaf Vacuum Truck Hydraulic Valve Bodies

Really Good Equipment, a company led by a team with 50+ years of experience engineering, manufacturing and servicing commercial leaf collection equipment, announced that it has developed an electric solution to failing valve bodies on commercial leaf vacuum trucks.


“These hydraulic valve bodies control the truck’s boom and dump bed functionality,” said Joey Woodfin, CEO of Really Good Equipment. “Over time, they tend to crack, leak and clog. When that happens, it can render the truck inoperable by shutting down that functionality. And if you can’t control your boom or your dump bed won’t come down – it’s a problem.”

The Really Good Equipment Valve Body Replacement is a modular solution - each pump controls a separate hydraulic function which makes it extremely easy for municipal mechanics to maintain and service.

It’s also electric - eliminating the need to be powered by a diesel engine. “It’s one step toward total electrification,” Woodfin said. “For municipalities looking to explore ways to meet their fleet electrification goals – this is a great first step and one that we believe will give them confidence in our fully electric solutions.”

Really Good Equipment has partnered with “the best and brightest battery electric engineers” and integrated that expertise with decades of mechanical experience in industrial leaf equipment to develop a solution that replaces internal-combustion engines with 100% electric systems.

“We look forward to working with municipalities to get their leaf collection fleets up-and-running in time for Fall.”

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