One Year Later, AC Hotel Cambridge Reaps the Benefit of Green Building Design

When guests walk into AC Hotel Cambridge by Marriot, located in Discovery Park, they are greeted by sleek design features and modern décor to fit its diverse mix of travelers. Behind the scenes, an energy efficiency collaboration between Eversource, AC Hotel and XSS Hotels is key to the hotel saving an estimated $49,000 in annual energy costs.

Long before opening its doors last year, the AC Hotel Cambridge team worked with Eversource and XSS Hotels, a development and design company, to incorporate energy efficiency measures into its original design plans

"Hotels in the United States spend almost $4 billion a year on energy costs, which is the fastest-growing operating cost in the industry. AC Hotel Cambridge had a path forward to rise above this statistic and reduce costs even before shovels hit the ground," said Eversource Vice President of Energy Efficiency, Tilak Subrahmanian. "From the start, we worked together to incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies into the hotel's design to match its cutting-edge environment we see today."

The technologies included occupancy-based heating and cooling controls, LED lighting and sensors, high-efficiency hot water boilers, heating and cooling equipment and a pool dehumidification unit to control the air quality in its indoor pool area. The hotel is also now equipped with low flow plumbing fixtures and shower heads to reduce water waste.             

"Our guests enjoy the convenient controls that adjust to their movement and comfort," said Mark Fischer, General Manager at AC Hotel in Cambridge. "Our staff has great feedback too. They don't have to worry about lighting replacements or resetting the room temperatures after cleaning. It's just easier for everyone.

XSS Hotels Assistant Project Manager, Jen Bowles, said the hotel has been booked all year. "We live in an energy-conscious culture now more than ever. Many of our guests are tech-savvy travelers, modern sophisticated business professionals and international travelers who would rather choose an environmentally-friendly hotel over one that consumes excessively."

Bowles also commented on the hotel's nonstop environment. "It's not like an office where you can shut the lights off when you leave. Day and night - we strive to accommodate guests and their comfort. Energy efficiency is a large part of that mission."

Eversource and XSS Hotels continue to work together on identifying the latest energy-efficient technologies to stay at the forefront of industry standards. "We embrace Eversource as part of our team. They always think of us and keep us informed of the energy-saving resources available to us. Eversource is an excellent partner on all of our properties," said XSS Hotels Partner, Leo Xarras.

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