FieldComm Group Offers an October 18th Webinar on Leveraging WirelessHART to Enable Sustainability

FieldComm Group is offering a webinar on Wednesday October 18th from 7AM to 8AM US Central Time, highlighting the applications of WirelessHART as a key enabler of multiple sustainability efforts. Speakers include: Paul Sereiko, Director of Marketing and Product Strategy for FieldComm Group; Shane Hale, Global Business Development Director for Emerson Pervasive Sensing; and Philippe Moock, Global Director for the Armstrong International Thermal Insight Group.


WirelessHART field devices work over a mesh network via gateways, providing a convenient infrastructure for implementing and extending the reach of digital systems at scale, beyond wired constraints. WirelessHART is based on the HART communication protocol, preserving investments in this proven technology, which has long been the leading bi-directional digital information exchange protocol between smart field devices and host platforms.

Attendees will learn about how WirelessHART technology enables sustainability, with topics including:

·       WirelessHART technology and connectivity overview

·       How sustainability measurements differ from traditional process measurements, and why WirelessHART is a key enabler for many sustainability programs

·       Incorporating “missing sustainability measurements” for steam traps, pressure relief valves, corrosion monitoring sensors, heat exchangers, pumps, cooling towers, and more

·       The road to decarbonization

·       The positive cost and sustainability impacts of monitoring steam usage, identifying steam trap failure, sensing safety relief valve operation, and detecting fugitive emissions and leaks

·       Best practices and practical pointers

·       A question-and-answer opportunity

WirelessHART plays an important role for many process automation plants and facilities, and FieldComm Group is committed to helping end users develop successful high-performance networks and infrastructure to support their sustainability efforts. 

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