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EIA Launches its New State Energy Portal

15 May 2019

EIA has launched its new State Energy Portal. Designed to deliver timely state-specific energy information in one place, the new portal has customizable visualizations that automatically populate each time a user returns to the page. The portal provides answers to questions about key energy issues for the 50 states (and the District of Columbia), 5 territories, and regions of interest. Users with energy questions will find this portal to be a valuable, time-saving tool in finding specific information with minimal effort.

Users can select data points and time periods of interest for topics such as:



Each custom dashboard draws from more than 1,700 state- and regional-level data series, which pull from more than 50 data sources, including sources outside of EIA. Users can filter much of the data in the charts and tables by data frequency, time period, geographic location, energy source, and sector. In addition, users can download their custom charts and graphs on-demand, making it easier to incorporate them into reports, or they can embed dynamic charts on their websites. Raw data sets are also available for download through several formats.

EIA is soliciting feedback as the public beta phase continues over the coming months. We invite you to try the portal's features and send us your thoughts.