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ECO Canada Celebrates 25 Years of Building Canada's Environmental Workforce

21 Nov 2022

To celebrate 25 years of wage funding programs, ECO Canada, the steward of the Canadian environmental workforce, has launched a video series highlighting the impact of wage funding on the environmental sector. This series follows eight individuals who received wage funding support at the beginning of their careers and highlights how it impacted their career trajectory.

As Canada looks toward its net zero goals, and as more companies place emphasis on their ESG goals and priorities, equipping the environmental sector with qualified workers has never been more important. ECO Canada's wage funding programs support workers to gain meaningful employment and support employers to expand their workforce. 

"As the environmental sector continues to grow, wage funding programs become even more crucial to Canada's expanding environmental sector. These programs create opportunities for new graduates and young professionals to build a fulfilling career," said Kevin Nilsen, President and CEO of ECO Canada.

The definition of green jobs has expanded beyond what were traditionally classified as environmental careers. From sustainability consulting to teaching and regional biology, a career in the environmental sector can mean almost anything. This video campaign showcases how diverse the opportunities within the environmental sector are.

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