Data-driven marketplace rewards

Created in partnership with Recurve, the Demand FLEXmarket provides tools to measure hourly reductions in energy use that will allow MCE to compensate businesses working locally with their customers for energy savings during peak demand hours. The Demand FLEXmarket was developed to address the twin challenges of decarbonization and climate adaptation in California by enabling the integration of a wide range of clean distributed energy resources, such as batteries, smart thermostats, or electric vehicle chargers, and ensuring that those resources are fully deployed to avoid or minimize crises. By offering a payment for energy reductions that values a range of resources equally, the Demand FLEXmarket ensures that incentives match the value of energy usage and that different solutions work together in a coordinated way. MCE's Demand FLEXmarket focuses on reducing summer peak hours and increasing access to technologies beyond typical efficiency equipment, integrating efficiency and demand response into a truly flexible resource that meets grid needs and helps the customers who will benefit most. Using the marketplace model, MCE offers a set price to nearly any behind-the-meter resource or partner for daily load shifting and a variable rate for a response to a day-ahead demand response signal. Interested vendors can expect a transparent and accountable payment structure, customer lead acquisition, and minimal barriers to participation. MCE offers a suite of customer programs in addition to the new Commercial Efficiency and Demand FLEXmarket, including residential and commercial energy efficiency services, battery storage and energy resiliency initiatives, and rebates for adoption of electric vehicles.