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Clearloop Partners with WattTime to Verify Avoided Carbon Emissions

02 Mar 2021

Clearloop announced a partnership with environmental tech nonprofit WattTime to strengthen the accounting and transparency of the avoided emissions associated with new renewable energy projects that Clearloop builds. The two organizations previously announced a collaboration in September 2020, using WattTime’s emissionality analysis to identify places where Clearloop’s solar projects could achieve greater avoided emissions, by displacing dirty, fossil-fueled generation. Now, WattTime’s data will give Clearloop customers unparalleled insights into how much carbon emissions those renewable projects are accruing over time.

Clearloop offers companies a tangible way to invest in offsetting their carbon footprints and expand access to clean energy in the U.S. that is backed by science. The process is easy. Companies calculate the carbon footprint of their operations and/or products. Clearloop builds new solar projects that replace emissions-causing, fossil-fueled generation in dirty regions of the U.S. power grid, which translates into “reclaimed carbon” offsets for Clearloop’s customers.

“Cleaning up the grid is an essential component in our fight in the climate crisis, but we need more tools for companies of all sizes to help us accelerate the work and ensure that the innovation and socio-economic benefits of renewable energy reach all corners of our country equitably,” said Clearloop Co-Founder Laura Zapata. “Through this partnership with WattTime, we’re proud to offer a simple, verifiable way for companies to reclaim their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy, starting by building new solar capacity in communities that need it the most.”  

Already, Clearloop uses Solar PV Emissions Reduction Quantification Methodology to demonstrate the additional impact of its projects to decarbonize the grid. WattTime, a recognized leader in understanding marginal emissions rates and avoided emissions analysis, will add a layer of verification and assurance to Clearloop customers that their carbon investments are accelerating the clean energy transition

Starting with Clearloop’s 1 megawatt (MW) solar project in West Tennessee, WattTime will track the avoided emissions benefits of new solar projects, allowing for real-time data on the emissions-reduction impact of new solar facilities in grid regions that disproportionately rely on fossil fuels.

“We applaud Clearloop for using considerations such as emissionality to choose high-impact locations for new renewable energy projects, and then using AI-powered data insights to bring transparency and authenticity to emissions reductions for their customers. We’re proud to support Clearloop," added Gavin McCormick, co-founder and executive director of WattTime.

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