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Automatic transfer switch with integrated home energy monitoring  

15 May 2020

With the launch of the PWRview ATS, Generac offers a Home Energy Monitoring System (HEMS) built into the switch. The PWRview ATS allows any home that is being equipped with a home standby generator to immediately access powerful, money-saving insights about the home's energy consumption. Because the PWRview monitor is already built into the transfer switch that is required for the generator, PWRview insights are available as soon as the generator system is installed. Homeowners can download the PWRview app to any smartphone to easily monitor their home's energy use from anywhere in the world, and unlock information that can help lower energy bills by up to 20%. The PWRview app gives homeowners access to their energy usage with a real time display and 24/7 remote access to their electricity consumption. Live dashboards provide deep insights to inform homeowners when they are wasting electricity and where their electricity is being used. Detailed bill tracking and consumption forecasts educate homeowners on energy habits to eliminate surprises on their monthly bill. 

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Volume: 2020 May/June