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Automated Test Suite for SunSpec Modbus 1547 Testing now in BETA

05 Mar 2021

The SunSpec Modbus 700 Series DER information models for IEEE 1547-2018 have begun the final countdown toward the major milestone of moving from TEST to APPROVED status, thus superseding the SunSpec Modbus 100 Series Models that were first introduced in 2009 and signaling the culmination of nearly 10 years of research and development. 

This achievement comes at a critical moment as SunSpec announces the BETA release of an automated test suite for SunSpec Modbus 1547-2018 communication testing. Offered exclusively to members of the Alliance as an upgrade to the standard SunSpec System Validation Platform (SVP) Dashboard license, the new "Plus Pack" leverages the SunSpec Modbus 700 Series DER information models and a web-service application program interface (API) for test harness integration, certification, and support activities.

This feature is an essential tool for software testers seeking to quickly prepare SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices for IEEE 1547 support and certification. We encourage any organization seeking to implement a SunSpec Modbus-enabled device to inquire about joining the BETA phase of this software test tool by becoming a member of the SunSpec Alliance. 

The Member only BETA phase will run until April 15th. At the conclusion of this 45 day period: 

  • 700 Series DER Models will be officially promoted from Test to Approved 
  • Automated SunSpec Modbus for 1547 test procedures will be finalized 
  • SVP Dashboard 1547 communication testing Plus Pack will become licensable to Members of the Alliance
  • SunSpec Authorized Test Labs will begin offering SunSpec Modbus for 1547 communication testing and Certification.

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