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Affordable LED floodlight with ceramic heat sink design

15 Jan 2020

SANSI has introduced the new C2020-BW 30W floodlight, which has a hollow structure and an air convection design. Replacing 200W traditional halogen bulbs with a 30W LED, the 120° wide-angle optical lens provides an illuminating effect, which makes the overall lighting environment harmonious, beautiful, and comfortable. It is used in commercial exteriors such as hotels, landmarks, exterior walls, and bars. Suitable as a replacement for floodlights with halogen lamps (up to 200W), it provides energy savings of up to 90%. The 30W outdoor light is rated at 3,000 lumens with a minimum of 100lm/watt. Ceramic heat dissipation LED technology provides both even and fast heat dissipation. The hollowed out design ensures good ventilation, quick heat dissipation with longer lasting light performance and lifetime and has an IP66 waterproof and flame retardant PC shell. The included remote control allows for 16 different colors of lights and 4 kinds of color changing patterns including flash, strobe, fade, and smooth as well as a memory function and sensitive sensor. One remote control can control several LED flood lights at the same time with a sensory distance of 33ft - 49ft (10m - 15m). Easy to install and mount.

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Volume: 2020 January/February