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8-pin devices combine performance, compactness, flexibility, and power efficiency

14 Mar 2020

STM32 microcontrollers (MCU) from STMicroelectronics are now available in an 8-pin package, enabling simple embedded projects to leverage 32-bit performance and flexibility in a compact and cost-effective outline. The four new STM32G0 devices deliver a unique combination of 8-pin economy with a 64MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ CPU giving 59 DMIPS, up to 8Kb RAM and 32Kb Flash on-chip, and high-performing peripherals including a 2.5Msps ADC, high-resolution timer, and a high-speed SPI. With flexible mapping of I/O pins and internal MCU functions, designers can upgrade end-product functionality without trading board real-estate or bill-of-materials costs. The stability of the internal oscillator, which is accurate to  ±1% over wide temperature and voltage ranges, also saves external clock components. The low power design features make the 8-pin STM32G0 devices ready to perform in energy-conscious applications governed by battery-capacity limits, eco-design legislation, or appliance energy ratings. The new MCUs also offers up to 100 package pins, up to 512Kb Flash, additional high-performance analog peripherals, and cyber-protection features. STM32G031J6, STM32G031J4, and STM32G041J6 Access Line MCUs are also available in SO8N, offering additional functionality including a hardware AES acceleration, Securable Memory Area enabling secure boot or firmware update, extra timers, and 96-bit unique device ID.

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