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GO-OPV Achieves Capital Milestone and Launches ORENgE, Zero Carbon Organic Energy Technology, in the US

17 Nov 2020

GO-OPV, LLC providers of organic energy (ORENgE), a true breakthrough, proven, commercial ready, roll-to-roll printed and scalable organic energy based power technology, announced the launch of North American operations and exclusive control of the US market, making the Company’s flagship ORENgE energy infrastructure technology available in a number of established and hyper growth markets. ORENgE provides a near zero carbon energy solution that supports scalable direct current power technology to the “last inch,” opening new energy markets, new power generating applications and new business and operational models with superior financial returns.

The Company has raised a series of investments from a successful track record, and the most recent contribution of a 120,000 square foot commercial property located in New York intended for ORENgE panel window installation that will provide power over the ethernet (POE) and meet the UL 924 lighting standard. GO-OPV has also ramped up a zero-carbon truck delivery program covering retrofit power solutions and forward-looking Electric Vehicles with the most advanced low light power technology.

ORENgE is the only commercial organic technology available in the US that is transparent, non-toxic, flexible, thin, durable, recyclable, sustainable, and cost competitive. Applications for ORENgE include:

  • Transportation – With more than seven million tractor trailers on the road in the US, ORENgE represents a superior, lightweight and commercial ready solution that can be applied end-to-end on trailers, providing a much-needed power source.
  • Buildings – Beyond rooftops, ORENgE can be applied to office windows and facades from the lightweight and transparent design, powering lights throughout workstations and conference rooms 24/7.
  • Outdoor Furniture – With a sleek and flexible design, ORENgE can be applied to outdoor furniture for powering park benches, beach umbrellas and picnic tables.
  • Mobile – Through Apple’s MFI program, ORENgE fully integrates into power applications for direct power supply to IoT devices through USB and Ethernet connectors, bringing on-demand power to cell phones, portable speakers and other portable electronics.

“The new electric economy requires energy producers to generate power in the most efficient combination of suitability and sustainability possible, which has always meant harnessing the power of light - indoor and outdoor. Organic energy, as built around the ORENgE technology solution, is pure power technology in a light weight, flexible and zero carbon footprint that can be applied to places like windows and equipment transportation, where organic energy transforms the power of light into energy,” said Felipe Travesso, COO of GO-OPV. “We are confident that organic energy represents the largest onsite power market in the US, and that leveraging ORENgE technology will open up new markets, new applications, and new models for reducing the global carbon footprint at a price that’s cost effective.”

GO-OPV controls the world’s largest supply of ORENgE, and under GO-OPV’s exclusive control of the US market, has developed a client centric expansion program spanning the ORENgE Energy Service Agreement (OESA) product installation, client acquisition and target market applications. The use of organic energy technology has already been established in South America, as PepsiCo’s Brazil distribution centers have been working with the power technology for stand-by charging systems, interior lights and on-board printing.

“ORENgE represents an earth-abundant solution that leverages sustainable and direct current attributes of generating power from light; printed from organic ink, and is positioned to be the most sustainable power source for generations, fostering zero carbon applications that will result from product diversity and scalability,” said Paul Frischer, President of GO-OPV.

A key component of GO-OPV’s go-to-market strategy and superiority compared to competitors is ORENgE’s ability to produce power at the lowest carbon footprint, deflect heat gain and generate positive direct energy, and serve client demands for both vertical and horizontal applications. The unprecedented weight to power ratio and flexibility of ORENgE allows for the exponential market growth beyond traditional grid and fixed mounted applications as a fully portable and adhesion capable material. The overwhelming market potential for ORENgE spanning so many high growth industries – especially considering its technology superiority compared to BIPV competitors like View, Inc., who recently raised $1.1 billion from SoftBank – and the compatibility to huge growth market players such as Tesla in EV equipment transportation and battery storage has resulted in GO-OPV’s decision to focus on the US energy infrastructure markets for Equipment Transportation and Power over Ethernet – BIPV.

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