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Romeo Power Secures $234 Million Multi-Year Production Contract with Lion Electric

17 Nov 2020

Romeo Systems, Inc. (“Romeo Power”), a leader in designing and manufacturing lithium-ion battery modules and packs for commercial electric vehicles, has secured another large production contract with a commercial vehicle leader. Romeo Power announced that it has secured a multi-year production contract with The Lion Electric Co. (“Lion Electric”), a leading OEM in North American electric commercial transportation. The contract is expected to generate $234 million in revenue for Romeo Power over a five-year period beginning in 2021. The contract spans across Lion Electric’s fleet of all-electric class 6-8 commercial urban trucks and all-electric buses.

“Romeo Power is very excited about this partnership with Lion Electric, which represents Romeo Power’s eighth production contract in North America and nearly doubles our contracted revenue to date. Lion has already proven itself as a formidable leader in the electrification of the transportation industry with its growing fleet of commercial electric vehicles on the road today,” commented Lionel Selwood, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Romeo Power. “This contract demonstrates increasing customer demand for our products, reinforces our ability to turn our pipeline into contracted revenue, and further validates Romeo Power as the industry leader in battery pack and module technology.”

“As a leader in zero-emission heavy duty vehicles, we focus on putting more all-electric buses and other commercial vehicles on roads across North America. We are happy to partner with Romeo Power and use its best-in-class battery technology. We are proud of this association that will help us deploy even more all-electric buses and trucks in the years to come,” commented Marc Bédard, Chief Executive Officer - Founder of Lion Electric.

Through its industry leading technology and energy dense battery packs, Romeo Power enables large-scale sustainable transportation by delivering safer, longer lasting batteries with shorter charge times. The company has a 7 GWh-capable manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California. Its core product offering is focused on the battery electric vehicle medium duty short haul and heavy duty long haul trucking markets.

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