IMCA’s Global Reach: AWEA Offshore Windpower Virtual Summit

12 Oct 2020

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is presenting at the AWEA Offshore Virtual Summit on 13 October 2020. 

Captain Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser – Marine and Bruce Gresham, Director of Client Engagement, North America, will give a joint presentation on ‘Preparing the Workforce - Industry Education and Training’ (15.15 EST/20.15 GMT).

IMCA’s Technical Adviser – Marine, Captain Andy Goldsmith said:

The material included in educational and familiarisation programmes is based on operational knowledge and experience. IMCA Members, like those involved in our Marine Renewable Energy Committee, share their experience and knowledge to produce industry accepted guidance documents. Prepared by the industry for the industry, IMCA Members are required to follow IMCA Guidance. The Association has the international recognition and global reach to provide influence and support the harmonisation of guidance and standards across all offshore energy sectors.”

The U.S. offshore wind industry is set to deliver significant economic benefits over the next decade. In addition to providing clean, affordable, and reliable power, the U.S. Offshore Wind Power Economic Impact Assessment estimates that developing 30,000 megawatts (MW) of offshore wind along the East Coast could support up to 83,000 jobs and deliver $25 billion in annual economic output by 2030. 

Given the momentum behind offshore wind and the sector’s critical role in our economic recovery, it is more important now than ever that we come together. Join top developers and experts 13-14 October for the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER Virtual Summit. Session topics include Proposed Changes to Regulations for Implementing NEPA, Federal Offshore Wind Policy in 2021, Commercial Fishing, Industry Workforce Outlook, Financing Projects in a COVID-19 Environment, Mitigating Risks of Offshore Wind Impacts on Wildlife, Supporting Near-term Commercialisation for Long-Term Success, and Lessons Learned from the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Pilot. View the full agenda here.

The event will also feature an Offshore Virtual Market Place, an interactive booth experience allowing attendees to connect with one another and learn about the latest products and services. Register Now.