Obvius Partners with OpenEGrid to Provide California Rule 21 Compliant Solutions

21 Jul 2020

Obvius, a Leviton company and a leading provider of data acquisition solutions, announced their partnership with OpenEGrid to provide a California Rule 21 compliant, site ready, integrated hardware solution. Solar Asset owners can now leverage the portfolio security and independence of Obvius IDAS solutions, while fulfilling California Public Utilities Commission’s industry leading smart grid initiatives.

California Rule 21’s mandatory IEEE 2030.5 compliance for interconnection to the California grid went into effect on June 22nd, 2020. This requirement increases reliability, interoperability and security between solar inverters and the connected smart grid. 

“Obvius delivers hardware systems that empower our customers and maximize independence. By partnering with OpenEGrid, we are able to provide an integrated panel that satisfies California Rule 21 requirements and maintains our customer’s need for software and hardware flexibility,” said Troy Hull, director of Measurement & Verification (M&V) at Leviton, Obvius’ parent company.

"Our partnership with Obvius is a great opportunity to fulfill the growing need for solar, storage, and micro-grid asset owners/operators and utility companies to communicate with each other for grid stability and control,” said Vijay Israni, co-founder of OpenEGrid. “We understand that this can be a confusing process, but we’re here to help."

Obvius Integrated Data Acquisition Solutions (IDAS) offers a complete UL hardware solution. These customizable turn-key panels are UL508A listed and designed for a wide variety of inverter, meter and sensor data collection applications. The all-in-one panels provide a complete, powerful and flexible solution that integrates an intelligent data acquisition server, full-data set bidirectional meter, industrial cellular modem and other hardware to meet each partner’s unique needs. 

For companies looking to fulfill California Rule 21 requirements, Obvius can also provide assistance with certification by NRTL, the SunSpec Alliance, and getting an inverter certified for listing as ‘Approved Equipment’ on the California Energy Commission (CEC) website.

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OpenEGrid | http://www.openegrid.com

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