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Easily lift heavy loads

14 Jul 2020

The new Enerpac SL400N Super Lift Hydraulic Gantry achieves high capacity and lifting height with an efficient footprint. The SL400N can lift up to 400 metric tons (first stage) with a 7.7m lifting capacity on a standard 2ft track. By being able to stick with this slender track gauge, the unit can easily be moved around existing obstacles. Operators can spend less time navigating impediments or moving them and use less resources to mobilize and demobilize the equipment. Other Enerpac innovations which make the gantry safe and easy to set up and operate come standard. Each gantry leg has a built-in hydraulic pump which eliminates trip hazards by eliminating the need to connect hoses and makes the equipment easier to set up. Powered by the Enerpac Drive System, the self-propelled rollers allow for synchronized travel, continuous movement, and require less space and track. Synchronized movement maintains safety because having significant difference in leg position can lead to load imbalance, damage to equipment, or accidents. With Enerpac Intellilift, users have a safe, easy, and reliable way to operate the gantry. With no cables, there are no tripping hazards or risk of incorrect connections. Wireless controls save time during set up as there are no cables to connect. Plus, it allows unrestricted operator roving position, synchronized movement, and has built in safety alarms.

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Volume: 2020 July/August