A versatile IoT solution for industry

14 Jul 2020

Globalstar Canada Satellite Co. introduced the ST100, an innovative, embeddable, one-way Satellite Transmitter ready for rapid product development and manufacturing in the global marketplace. The ST100 is lightweight, low power, and small with embedded antennas, all on one commercial IoT board. The ST100 provides low cost, reliable connectivity that is powered by the Globalstar Satellite Network low earth orbit (LEO) constellation, providing SATCOM integration capability to any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product. These embedded technologies are suitable for delivering remote sensing, tracking, and monitoring of field applications across industrial and remote operations. Globalstar Embedded Solutions don’t require any additional ground infrastructure for data exchange, reducing costs typically associated with traditional connectivity while saving more than half the typical time to production. Because the ST100 operates on the Globalstar Satellite Network, one solution works everywhere without multiple country service contracts or roaming fees. The ST100 Satellite Transmitter offers a customizable approach to new commercial IoT product innovations and can be used by simply adding power, a mechanical enclosure and configuring the settings within the device firmware. For more advanced technical requirements, third parties can write their own firmware on the ST100 and utilize Globalstar APIs, Bluetooth wireless technology and the serial connector to expand the use of the board and integrate with other devices or hardware.

Globalstar, Inc. | http://www.globalstar.ca


Volume: 2020 July/August