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Reverse DC-coupled PV + storage

14 Jul 2020

Dynapower is currently delivering two DC-coupled PV+S configurations to help power the evolution in solar plus storage. In the standard DC-coupled PV+S, a grid-tied PV inverter with energy storage (BESS) is coupled to the PV array through a DC/DC converter (Dynapower’s DPS-500) and is well suited for exporting power to the grid. Reverse DC-Coupled PV+S ties a grid-tied bi-directional energy storage inverter with energy storage directly to the DC bus. PV is coupled to the DC bus through a DC-DC converter (Dynapower’s DPS-500). Reverse DC-coupled PV+S is most often well suited for microgrid application because of its inherent ability to efficiently provide safe and reliable power to an islanded microgrid. While the standard configuration is suitable for the majority of DC-Coupled solar plus storage installations, Reverse DC-Coupled PV+S has a number of benefits to consider.

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Volume: 2020 July/August