Optomec Offers ROI Assessment for Automated Turbine Blade Repair

08 Jul 2020

Optomec -- a leading, privately-held global supplier of production-grade additive manufacturing solutions, announced a new tool that calculates the payback of automated laser cladding equipment for gas turbine maintenance and repair operations (MRO). The tool was developed for Optomec by Mr. Terry VanderWert PE, a laser processing expert in the aerospace, aviation, medical and power industries, and leverages Optomec’s deep, real-world experience remanufacturing 10 million industrial turbine blades.

The MRO ROI calculator is designed to help customers repairing gas turbine components gain deeper insight into the cost savings associated with moving to an automated process. It builds on research conducted for Optomec’s white paper: The Business Case for Automated Laser Cladding in Aviation Component Repair: Five Lessons Learned

Gathering customer-specific data in key areas, the tool enables Optomec to produce a full report that calculates the cost savings of automated laser cladding versus the customer’s incumbent process, which is usually manual TIG welding. In addition to ROI, the calculator also estimates cost per part, payback period, net present value and internal rate of return.

“Despite the fact that many MROs have moved to automated processes, the majority of turbine and compressor blade repair is still done manually today,” said Mr. Mike Dean, Marketing Director at Optomec. “In our work with customers, we recognized that a wide range of factors contribute to building the business case for automated laser cladding and that is why we felt the need to develop this tool. With our ROI calculator we can help more MROs understand the real value and impact automation can have. In addition to the cost savings, there are huge benefits in terms of higher repeatability and superior metallurgy from automated laser cladding.”

Optomec has unmatched expertise in gas turbine MRO for the energy and aviation markets. With more than 100 installed systems around the world, Optomec’s automated laser cladding capabilities are certified in 15 countries and used by virtually all major manufacturers of aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. Optomec systems have repaired more than 10 million components. Click here for the MRO ROI analysis.

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