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Simple, one-person installation

15 May 2020

With the new high-voltage storage system from LG Chem and SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), PV system owners can flexibly use self-generated electricity even when the sun is not shining. With the combination of a Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter and an RESU 10M battery from LG Chem, installers benefit from significantly reduced transport and installation costs. The RESU 10M high-voltage battery is a new modular home battery from LG Chem. It offers more value thanks to its innovative shape, as it is divided into two separate battery modules with a cover. Each battery module weighs approximately 79lbs (36kg), making installation easy for solar power professionals. With its robust material and sophisticated design, the battery can be installed both inside and outside the home. The Sunny Boy Storage is a powerful battery inverter for private homes. It has an integrated emergency power supply with manual changeover, which ensures that important appliances are still supplied with power even in the event of a grid failure. Thanks to AC coupling, the Sunny Boy Storage is suited for flexibly equipping new or retrofitted systems with high-voltage batteries.

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Volume: 2020 May/June