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Powerful, scalable storage system

15 May 2020

PWRcell features a modular battery pack system, equipped with 8.6kWh batteries. The system is fully customizable, and can expand up to 34.2kWh. With the Generac PWRcell, solar-plus-storage is made simple. The fully-integrated, easy-to install solar energy storage system is a powerful, flexible, and efficient solution for the residential market. The included bi-directional, REbus-powered inverter offers an efficient design method for integrating smart batteries with solar. PWRcell is easy to install, with the heaviest individual component of the system weighing less than 75lbs. Generac PWRview technology is the easy-to-use home energy monitoring system that tracks home energy use and provides powerful insights into the home’s electricity consumption. PWRview can also be a valuable presales tool as users can calculate their energy savings if they were to purchase PWRcell.

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Volume: 2020 May/June