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XNRGI Opens Lithium Metal Battery Factory with 240MWh per Year Capacity

19 Mar 2020

XNRGI has opened a High Temperature (HT) lithium ion battery factory in Gurugram, India (formerly Gurugaon, India) capable of producing 240MWh of battery storage each year.  

The factory has begun production of its HT Mobility Smart Telemetry Battery XM5kWh for Rickshaws, E-Bikes, E-Motorcycles, Golf Carts, Solar and Wind Farms, and Telecom Towers UPS. XNRGI also has aggressive plans to scale capacity world-wide in the multi GWh range by 2022 with strategic relationships in different parts of the world. 

Operating as XNRGI INDIA Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of XNRGI, Inc., the factory will produce XNRGI HT turnkey energy storage solutions (ESS). ESS will include battery packs, battery / energy management systems, optional tracking and remote status monitoring hardware. These ESS are  specially optimized for hot, humid tropical climates such as South-East Asia, MENA (Middle East, North Africa), and the southern and central parts of North America. The Company is also building such ESS for other more mainstream applications.

Unique advantages of the XNRGI HT batteries include charges to 80% capacity within 2 hours and operation in excess of 55C (131 degrees Fahrenheit). Moreover, for rickshaws and similar applications, the batteries can be remotely monitored and tracked for safety and charge status.