Eversource and Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa Partner on Eco-Friendly, Cost-Saving Upgrades

In an effort to save on energy costs and reduce its impact on the environment, the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa is building on its energy efficiency partnership with Eversource with plans to continue upgrades over the next few years. When guests visit the iconic Whitefield resort, they often have an unforgettable experience surrounded by the White Mountains of New Hampshire-but what they might not realize is this energy efficiency partnership with Eversource is saving the award-winning hotel more than $22,000 a year while also reducing its carbon emissions.

"With the average U.S. hotel spending more than $2,000 per room in annual energy costs, energy efficiency provides important cost-saving opportunities for the hospitality industry's bottom line," said Eversource Energy Efficiency Spokesperson Kate Peters. "When we started working with Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in 2014, maintaining its historic look and feel was a top priority, and we've since completed more than 15 projects together to save a significant amount of energy without compromising the hotel's character. Mountain View Grand is truly a model of sustainability for others in the industry and businesses across the Granite State to follow."

Lighting upgrades throughout the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa maintain its historic look and feel

"Thanks to our partnership with Eversource, we are on a sustainable trajectory that will deliver energy and cost savings year-after-year while also reducing our carbon footprint," said Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa Managing Director Christopher Diego. "We're excited to continue working together to implement a new multi-year plan to ensure that Mountain View Grand is as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible."

Mountain View Grand began its energy efficiency partnership with Eversource in 2014 to help transition the hotel from a mix of incandescent and fluorescent lights to LEDs, completing an extensive interior LED lighting retrofit to save electricity and reduce maintenance costs. Eversource also provided incentives for the upgrades, which combined with the energy cost savings, allowed Mountain View Grand to reinvest in additional projects. 

"We then replaced our kitchen vent hood system with a new intelligent system that only exhausts the air over the cooking surfaces when it senses heat," said Diego. "Following up on this project, we performed a building envelope study with Eversource and eventually executed a comprehensive air sealing and insulation plan that made us more airtight from our basement to the attic." 

Mountain View Grand also had a desire to get away from the hundreds of window AC units used to cool guest rooms in the summertime. In 2018, they installed a new heat pump system that provides both electrical cooling and oil heating savings while also taking advantage of the extra thick insulated exterior sheathing under the hotel's siding. The new multi-year energy efficiency plan is aimed at maximizing the benefits and savings from the resort's new building envelope and HVAC design. 

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