Former Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson Advances Green Building Globally with Nexii

22 Jan 2020

Canadian building and construction technology company, Nexii Building Solutions Inc. (Nexii), is pleased to announce that Gregor Robertson, former Mayor of Vancouver, is helping Nexii expand globally as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships. 

After 14 years of public service, and most recently 10 years as Mayor of Vancouver, Robertson is focusing his time and energy on the climate crisis. 

"We are at a critical time for restoring our environment," said Gregor Robertson. "Buildings are the largest source of climate pollution. That¹s why when Nexii - the creators of new breakthrough green building technologies - asked me to join their team, I didn¹t hesitate. I¹m proud to be part of a Canadian company with significant potential to make a huge positive impact on the environment and communities globally."

Nexii has developed innovative solutions with the potential to both significantly reduce the construction sector¹s impact on the environment and help tackle the global housing shortage. Nexii's proprietary building material, Nexiite, which together with the Nexii design, manufacturing and assembly process, facilitates the rapid construction of sustainable, cost-efficient, durable and disaster-resilient buildings. Nexii products are suitable for new commercial, institutional, industrial, and mixed-use buildings, and for retrofitting existing buildings. 

"Nexii will not only help to reduce the impact of buildings on our climate, but can also help address the housing crunch in growing cities," Robertson continued. "We are currently facing a global housing shortage and faster construction processes and retrofit solutions for existing buildings will help improve cost efficiencies and drive housing supply. We need zero emission buildings that are affordable to build and operate, and we need to retrofit existing buildings that are the number one cause of climate change."

Stephen Sidwell, Chief Executive Officer of Nexii, commented: "We value Gregor¹s leadership. He brings a wealth of experience and a unique understanding of how cities, developers, and construction companies can work together to provide more sustainable buildings. Gregor is a globally influential advocate for climate action and supports Nexii¹s mission to protect and care for our planet." 

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