EFI Transacts & Delivers Over 6.5 Million Energy-Efficient Products in Support of Utility Savings Programs

14 Jan 2020

EFI, an Industry leader in utility-branded marketplaces and omni-channel instant rebate technology, partners with utilities nationwide to offer energy-efficient products to eligible participating customers. EFI's award winning marketplace eliminates the hassle of rebate paperwork, offers a multitude of products, and provides instant rebates to utility customers. 

EFI's Top Selling Products

EFI's Top Selling Products

2019 was a banner year for EFI after selling and delivering over 6.5 million energy-efficient products through a variety of digital and traditional methods, all but surpassing their utility client's program goals and combatting the ever-changing political climate. Even with new tariffs on LED lighting, 4.6+ million were sold in 2019. Mark Willingham, Senior Vice President of EFI, shed some light on what lead to such a successful year. EFI maintains around $10 million dollars of inventory in multiple warehouses around the country: "Expectations are high – our customers are used to getting products they order online in just a few days," said Willingham. "We are able to ship the majority of our products in less than two days. We can do that because we are known as a stocking distributor." 

In addition to distribution, Willingham mentioned that utilities are able to transition more of their budget to instant rebates for their customers, which empowers savings goals. Willingham explained, "EFI is able to assist utilities by eliminating Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) fees to clients, which allows them to dedicate their budget to their customers." He continued, "2019 was a success, but we can expect to exceed these goals in 2020 with the addition of new innovative energy-efficiency products and additional marketing and automation tactics."  

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