CBAK Battery Signed Supply Agreement with Viessmann

11 Jan 2020

Dalian CBAK Power Battery CO., LTD., ("CBAK Battery", or the "Company") announced that the Company and Viessmann Faulquemont SAS ("Viessmann") have entered into a Supply Agreement. Under the agreement, Viessmann undertakes to purchase lithium battery cells and other further products from CBAK Battery. 

CBAK Battery, a specialized high power battery provider in Dalian, is a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. ("CBAK Energy", or the "Company",NASDAQ: CBAT) which is a world's leading lithium battery manufacturer and electric energy solution provider. The LFP battery is one of CBAK Energy's most popular self-developed products. It has outstanding performance in stability and safety, and it has been used in various kinds of electric vehicles, electric tools and energy storage, and has a good reputation with these customers. CBAK Energy has been dedicated to the research and development and commercial use of lithium batteries for more than 15 years.

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