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Eversource and Greenspot Bring EV Charging Stations and e-Mobility Hubs to Massachusetts Communities

18 Sep 2019

Demonstrating their commitment to helping communities throughout Massachusetts reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Eversource, New England's largest energy provider, and Greenspot, an award-winning New Jersey-based electric transportation startup, are helping municipalities and businesses lower their carbon footprint by installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and facilitating the integration of electric mobility (e-Mobility) services, such as ride-sharing, offered by third-party service providers.

This partnership extends the reach of Eversource's EV charging station initiative, which helps municipalities and businesses install EV charging stations by covering all electrical infrastructure costs and managing the process from start to finish. Participating municipalities and businesses are generally responsible for purchasing and installing the charging equipment. However, for various strategically located sites in Brookline and Newton, Greenspot has reached agreements with the municipalities to purchase, install, operate and maintain the charging stations and facilitate the integration of e-Mobility solutions. This program is helping provide EV charging access to these communities at no cost to the municipality.

"In Massachusetts, more than 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. We are actively working with municipalities and companies across the commonwealth to address this issue by installing more EV charging stations and connecting them to money-saving solutions, like Greenspot," said Eversource Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Penni Conner. "This partnership allows us to provide customers with a no-cost, turnkey solution and increase charging access. With the added convenience and access, we hope more motorists will make the switch or utilize the EV car-sharing service."

In the City of Newton, Eversource and Greenspot have installed five stations in the Richardson (Newtonville) and Lexington (Auburndale) municipal lots that will be online later this month. The companies are also working together to install charging stations at the Pleasant Street municipal lot in conjunction with a solar canopy project also supported by Eversource.

In the Town of Brookline, the companies are installing two dual-port charging stations in five locations along the Beacon Street corridor, totaling 20 ports. Half of the ports are expected to be reserved for Greenspot's EV car-sharing service, which allows motorists to rent an EV for the day.

All charging stations and car sharing services will be available for public use.

"With the rapid expansion of EVs, new charging infrastructure and more sustainable transit solutions are needed. At Greenspot, we hope to facilitate this mobility revolution by developing infrastructure and promoting a transition toward a more environmentally-sound e-Mobility solution that reduces carbon emissions while simultaneously streamlining daily commutes," said Greenspot Chief Operating Officer Michael Mazur."We're fortunate to work with industry leaders, like Eversource, to accomplish this mission, and proud to provide EV solutions to Newton and Brookline, where so many residents have already begun the transition away from fossil fuels."

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