Easy to install and commission automatic transfer switches 

15 Sep 2019

ABB has introduced the next generation of automatic transfer switches (ATS), which increase system reliability, connectivity, and ease of use. Upgrades to the Zenith ZTX and ZTG series from Industrial Solutions will feature ABB’s TruONE technology and incorporate both the switch and controller in one seamless, self-contained unit, which reduces the number of wires and connections, provides up to 25% more space for wire bending in the enclosure, and minimizes the potential for connection failures. The design also incorporates smart modular components which allow controller and operating mechanism replacement in less than 10 minutes. An optimized interface makes advanced control, connectivity, and energy management easy. With embedded connectivity, an auto-configure function, and a range of programming options, setting-up with the Zenith ZTX and ZTG series takes only minutes. With no wiring or calibration work required, the ZTX and ZTG provide ease of use. The new Zenith ZTG series can connect to the cloud-based ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS), making Zenith transfer switches compatible with other ABB devices. A plug-in communication module range is offered in seven different protocols, ensuring easy installation and connectivity now and into the future. ABB Zenith ATS solutions bring a high level of convenience, efficiency, safety, and critical power security to residential and commercial facilities and industrial complexes. For facilities managers and consulting engineers, Zenith ATS is an enclosed solution for continuous power and time-saving innovations.

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Volume: 2019 September/October