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Energy efficiency infrastructure management service

15 Sep 2019

energyOrbit has announced a new service to support customers using its existing cloud-based management platform. Through this service, called Application Management Services (AMS), energyOrbit utility customers are working directly with energyOrbit to manage key energy efficiency (EE) program areas, such as system maintenance, routine enhancements, real-time troubleshooting, and data manipulation. While utilities can still opt to fully manage the energyOrbit platform internally, AMS is ideal for utilities with resource constraints, or large deployments that may otherwise require additional staffing. Powered on the Salesforce platform, the energyOrbit cloud-based software solution provides an integrated user experience to streamline reporting and free up program administrators workloads, resulting in a higher focus on articulating and executing program strategy. Now, with the addition of AMS, utilities will have yet another layer of support on the personnel side to support staff, and ensure workflows are optimized. 

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