3 IN 1 ROOF Solar Roof Tiles Global Success

28 Aug 2019

Reaction to the US-based 3IN1ROOF Inc, the world's first insulating solar roof tile, has been an overnight global sensation! The realization that a truly integrated solar roof system is now approved by UL safety standards is causing great excitement in North America and abroad. 

Worldwide response to the Company’s UL & ULC 1703 solar safety certification has been swift. This new disruptive product that combines “Tried and True Technology” from 3 separate market sectors: “Insulation | Protection | Solar” shall easily become a global preference and here is why; 

1. Insulating foam embodiment reduces energy needs before producing energy 

2. Product contour easily retro-fits any new or existing pitch roof structure 

3. Offers the ultimate high-wind and high-wind-driven-rain resistance 

4. Increases property values while decreasing insurance premiums 

5. Matches or exceeds solar panel efficiency ratings (logistically determined) 

6. Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) / Quickest return on investment 

Due exclusively to the 3 IN 1 ROOF system; Developers, Planners, Architects, Builders, Contractors and Housing manufacturers are all implementing the perfect 2020 home entailing maximum energy conservation, maximum protection & safety, plus maximum solar powered efficiency, at unmatched TCO pricing and longevity. 

In just under 2-months since UL/ULC 1703 certification, the 3 IN 1 ROOF system is now under great international demand from; 

  • The World Bank for 500K housing developments, 
  • The Government of Kenya for 80k solar powered residential units, 
  • Code officials of The Bahamian Government, 
  • Code officials of The Jamaica Government, 
  • Code officials into the West Indies, 
  • The Australia Advance Building Supplies Group, 
  • Santiago Mexico’s Allende Villa Development, 
  • and much, much more including the USA! 

After a decade long developmental period, 3 IN 1 ROOF Inc. has perfected the supreme roof and solar energy solution the world has ever seen. The product stands alone in the integrated solar roof market as “Best-In-Class” which is why in its up-and-coming publication, world-wide editorial BUILD Magazine has awarded the 3 IN 1 ROOF Corporation “MOST INNOVATIVE GLOBAL SOLAR COMPANY”. 

Management looks forward to a world greatly reduced of fossil fuel consumption simply by changing the way energy flows, one solar roof at a time!

3 IN 1 ROOF | http://3in1roof.com