Electric Vehicle Charging-as-a-Service Company, AMPLY Power Adds New Head of Sales and Strategy

As fleet operators, port authorities and transit agencies scale from pilots to full implementation of electric vehicles, AMPLY Power has announced the addition of a new executive to oversee its sales organization. Simon Lonsdale, former Chief Strategy Officer of ChargePoint, joins AMPLY Power as Head of Sales and Strategy and will work to increase its customer base, alongside establishing strategic partnerships for customer fleets.

AMPLY Power is innovating the electrification of transportation with a new business model for fleet EV charging. Through its Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform AMPLY removes the risks and complexities related to the charging logistics of electric buses, trucks and passenger vehicles for fleet owners and operators, in exchange for predictable pricing and a guarantee that vehicles are charged fully at the start of each workday. With its one-of-a-kind offering, AMPLY simplifies charging logistics and provides certainty on electric fueling costs by handling all aspects of EV charging operations and infrastructure, and only bills fleets for the number of electric miles driven.  

"As more industries invest in electrification we are seeing adoption move past passenger cars and into commercial vehicles in municipal, industrial and private fleets as well," said Simon Lonsdale, the new Head of Sales and Strategy for AMPLY Power.  "As the electrification of commercial transportation reaches an inflection point in the coming years, I am impressed that AMPLY is taking an innovative approach to keeping EVs charged and ready to drive for fleets, while also protecting them from the high energy bills and costly infrastructure improvements that sometimes accompany this transition at depots. Taking the technical guesswork out of going electric is a critical step towards mainstream electric fleet adoption, and AMPLY is at the forefront of accelerating the migration of fleets to this next-generation of electric vehicles."

Commercial fleet vehicles make up 23% of emissions on US roadways. However, complex utility billing structures, and expensive facility and equipment upgrades, coupled with a lack of transparent processes for employees can leave fleet owners and operators disinclined to expanding electric truck and bus pilots to full deployment. With its Charging-as-a-Service model, AMPLY takes on the challenges fleets face, while remaining technology agnostic, and guarantees electric vehicle uptime related to charging, in exchange for a price-per-mile-driven billing structure.

As the electric utility account holder for its fleet customers, AMPLY Power provides comprehensive end-to-end services to fleet operators. These include managing infrastructure upgrades and utility interconnections, establishing an optimal charging strategy based on drive cycle and duty cycle, providing debt financing or securing grant funding for reducing capital expenditures, and implementing resiliency plans where needed. The company assumes the full financial responsibility of utility bills and provides the fleet with pre-negotiated flat usage rates. AMPLY also performs onsite operations and maintenance services, and invests in technology upgrades as a fleet's needs evolve.

"From financing and installing the charging hardware, to working with the utility to upgrade electrical service to various buildings, and even making sure buses and trucks are plugged in at night, we handle everything," said Vic Shao, CEO of AMPLY Power and serial, clean energy entrepreneur, formerly founder of Green Charge Networks, which was acquired by the European energy provider, ENGIE. "Similar to the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) financing model that accelerated solar energy into the mainstream, AMPLY's comprehensive, system-wide approach removes the risks and worries for our fleet customers, and replaces it with predictable pricing and performance guarantees. Fleet operators are not electricity experts, and with AMPLY they don't need to be."

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